Extended Foster Care in Montana


General Eligibility

A youth over the age of 18 may remain in foster care if still in secondary school. Mont. Admin. R. 37.51.102.


Montana law does not allow for re-entry.


Eligibility for Extended Adoption Assistance

Adoption assistance ends at age 18. Mont. Admin. R. 37.52.206(1) (relating to adoption assistance); Mont. Dep’t of Health and Human Services, Child & Family Servs. Policy Manual, Policy Nos. 407-3 (relating to state-funded adoption assistance), 407-4 (relating to federally-funded adoption assistance).

Eligibility for Extended Guardianship Assistance

The guardianship subsidy may continue until the child reaches the age of 19 if the child is a full-time student in a secondary school and is reasonably expected to obtain a secondary-school diploma or its equivalent on or before the month of the child's 19th birthday. Mont. Admin. R. 37.50.1102.