Extended Foster Care in Louisiana


General Eligibility

The Department of Children and Family Services shall continue to provide to a person in foster care and to the person's foster parents all benefits and services of the department's foster care program after the person's eighteenth birthday if the person is a full-time high school student or in the process of receiving an equivalent credential, until the person's high school graduation or twenty-first birthday, whichever occurs first, upon the written consent of the person and foster parents receiving the benefits and services.  La. Stat. § 46:286.24(A); see also 67 La. Admin. Code pt. V, § 3903

Extension Process

Case Management Requirements

The department shall notify all foster children and their foster parents or other custodians in writing of the availability of these benefits and services at the foster child's seventeenth birthday, and every ninety days thereafter until the child's eighteenth birthday, unless the foster child and foster parents or other custodians have already consented in writing to participating in this program. La. Stat. § 46:286.24(D).


Louisiana law does not allow for re-entry.


Eligibility for Extended Adoption Assistance

Louisiana does not offer extended adoption assistance.

Eligibility for Extended Guardianship Assistance

Louisiana does not offer extended guardianship assistance. 67 La. Admin. Code tit. 67 pt. III, § 5321.