History of the Zubrow Fellowship

Named for Sol Zubrow, Juvenile Law Center’s first president of the Board of Directors, and his wife Helen, the Zubrow Fellowship in Children’s Law has been training children’s advocates for over 14 years. Sol Zubrow was Juvenile Law Center’s President of the Board of Directors during its formative years, from 1976-1993. He and his wife, Helen, remained connected to the work of Juvenile Law Center until their passing. In 2001, Sol and Helen’s son, Barry Zubrow, Juvenile Law Center’s current Board President, honored the memory of his late parents by establishing an endowment for Juvenile Law Center to create and maintain the Fellowship.


Current And Former Zubrow Fellows

Suzanne Meiners-Levy (2002-04 Fellow), New York University School of Law 

Nina W. Chernoff (2003-05 Fellow), Georgetown University Law School 

Vincent P. Herman (2004-06 Fellow), Boston College Law School 

Riya Saha Shah (2005-07 Fellow), Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Neha Desai (2006-08 Fellow), UC Berkeley School of Law

Sherry E. Orbach (2007-09 Fellow), Columbia Law School 

Emily C. Keller (2008-10 Fellow), University of Michigan Law School

Katherine E. Burdick (2009-11 Fellow), University of California, Berkeley School of Law

Monique Lin-Luse (2010-12 Fellow),Georgetown University Law School

Elizabeth-Ann Tierney (2011-13 Fellow), New York University School of Law

Lauren A. Fine (2012-14 Fellow), Duke University School of Law 

Catherine Feeley (2013-15 Fellow), Northwestern Law School

Jean Strout (2014-16 Fellow), Harvard Law School 

Whiquitta Tobar (2015-17 Fellow), Georgetown University School of Law 

Danielle Whiteman (2016-18 Fellow), New York University School of Law

Christina Sorenson (2017-19 Fellow), University of Richmond Law School

Joshua Branch (2018-20 Fellow), Georgetown Law School

Emily Satifka (2019-21 Fellow), University of California, Irvine School of Law​​​​​​​