Treat Kids in the Justice System as... Kids

Juvenile Law Center fights for rights, dignity, equity, and opportunity for youth. We work to reduce the harm of the child welfare and justice systems, limit their reach, and ultimately abolish them so all young people can thrive.

Youth Justice

Each year, juvenile courts nationwide hear approximately 800,000 cases. Young people need experienced, dedicated advocates to fight for them in courts, legislatures, and city halls.

Children in Prison

Solitary confinement is nothing short of state-sanctioned child abuse. Strip searches and shackling are inhumane. No child deserves this treatment.

Foster Care

Over 430,000 youth are in foster care, and around 20,000 young adults “age out” of care without permanent family connections. They deserve better from the institutions meant to support them.

Youth Advocacy

Our youth advocates effect change through advocacy, media outreach, and public education. Their expertise and lived experiences are critical to informing policy reform.

The Future Is Now

Our youth advocates are leading the way!