Juvenile Law Center

Suzanne Meiners-Levy

Director of Pro Bono Services and Partner, Advocate Consulting Legal Group, Florida
Member and Co-Chair of Board of Directors, Collier County Foster Care Review Board

2002-2004, Zubrow Fellow, 2002-2004

Lessons Learned

My fondest memories all relate to time spent with the amazing staff. There was a great electricity and excitement throughout the office in developing new projects and approaches. I appreciated the generosity of spirit, including me in discussions and mentoring me in approaching the work.

I learned that tackling big social problems requires a range of approaches and that there are important roles for all players in making change happen. Non-profits, government, the private sector, communities and individuals all have a voice and assets to bring to the table. The vision needs to be long range and inclusive.

Impact on my Career

Working at Juvenile Law Center made me realize that careers are long, and there are ways to contribute to making the world a better place for youth in every community. I find myself often looking at challenges and asking, “How would Bob address this challenge? What would Marsha say?” The work of Juvenile Law Center is a daily inspiration.

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