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I want to discuss the silence in Luzerne County, how everyone was quiet, no one said anything ... even [youth] were silenced by what was taking place. It was only through Juvenile Law Center that we were given voices.

Hillary Transue, victim of the Luzerne County "kids-for-cash" scandal

2016 Spring Fundraising Events in New York and Washington, DC

Spring Fundraiser in New York: Celebrating 50th Annivesary of Miranda

Tuesday, June 7
6:00 - 8:00pm

The Harvard Club of New York
35 W, 44th Street
New York, NY  10036

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Please join Juvenile Law Center for a special evening commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Miranda decision with a discussion of juvenile defense featuring Steve Drizin, Assistant Dean of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law’s Bluhm Legal Clinic and co-counsel for Brendan Dassey, whose case was featured in the Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer.

Steven Drizin is the Assistant Dean of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law’s Bluhm Legal Clinic and the former Legal Director of the Clinic’s renowned Center on Wrongful Convictions (CWC) (2005-2013). At the Center, his research interests involve the study of false confessions and his policy work focuses on supporting efforts around the country to require law enforcement agencies to electronically record custodial interrogations. 

Prior to working on wrongful convictions, Drizin was the Supervising Attorney at the Clinic’s Children and Family Justice Center where he built a reputation as a national expert on juvenile justice issues. He was a leader in the successful effort to outlaw the juvenile death penalty and co-wrote an amicus brief in Roper v. Simmons, the United States Supreme Court’s decision holding that capital punishment could no longer be imposed on offenders who were under the age of 18 at the time they committed their crimes. In August 2005, Drizin received the American Bar Association’s Livingston Hall Award for outstanding dedication and advocacy in the juvenile justice field.

Drizin’s scholarship in the area of interrogations and confessions has been cited by the United States Supreme Court and numerous federal and state appellate courts. He is frequently quoted in newspapers and has appeared on numerous local and national television and radio news programs on both juvenile justice and confession-related topics. Drizin lectures frequently on interrogation and confession-related topics throughout the United States, Canada and Japan. He has also appeared in several documentaries, including David and Me, West of Memphis, and most recently, Netflix’s Making A Murderer.

Spring Fundraiser in Washington, DC : Juan Williams, We The People

Monday, June 13
6:00 - 8:00pm

Home of Stephen Labaton and Miriam Sapiro
Washington, DC

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Please join Juvenile Law Center for a special evening featuring Juan Williams and a special discussion around his new newly acclaimed  book, We The People.

Juan Williams is one of the United States’ leading political writers and thinkers. With three decades of experience reporting from Washington, he is considered one of the best political analysts, unflinching in his dedication to informing – and challenging – the American public.

His new book, We the People: THE MODERN-DAY FIGURES WHO HAVE RESHAPED AND AFFIRMED THE FOUNDING FATHERS’ VISION OF AMERICA, is receiving rave reviews as a fascinating work of history told through a series of in depth profiles, taking readers into the life and work of a new generation of American Founders, who honor the original Founders’ vision, even as they have quietly led revolutions in American politics, immigration, economics, sexual behavior, and reshaped the landscape of the nation.

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