Juvenile Law Center

Sacha Coupet

Associate Professor of Law & Director of Research
Civitas Child Law Center
Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Summer Intern, 1998

Lessons Learned

I will forever remember my summer internship as my first "real" legal job and, as such, it became something of a template for my vision of what a public interest law firm should be—dynamic, collaborative and staffed by brilliant lawyers! Among my fondest memories were the efforts that everyone (and I mean, EVERYONE, including Debbie!) made to make our small group of summer interns feel like members of the JLC team—everything from actual legal research and writing to my first (and only!) Phillies game. It was at JLC that I first became acutely aware of the difference between law/policy on the books and law/policy in practice. I learned that there is a meaningful and disturbing gap between ostensibly pro-child policies and the concrete practical measures needed to effect lasting change for kids. The world is a better place because JLC holds policy and lawmakers accountable while challenging them make good on their promises to our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

Impact on my Career

I have no doubt that I would not be where I am—teaching, writing, and researching about issues impacting children—were it not for my time at JLC. Bob is a quiet, but powerfully inspiring presence and the kind of leader each member of his team wishes to make proud.

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