Juvenile Law Center

Megan Bruce

Lead Client Support Engineer

Online Communications Manager, 2010-14

Lessons Learned

I learned that passion about your work is an integral part of success. Every attorney and child-serving professional at Juvenile Law Center is there because they genuinely care about improving the lives of our nation's most vulnerable children. It's this passion that drives the work that they do, and it's what makes Juvenile Law Center so successful. Working around a team of absolutely brilliant, forward-thinking people who refuse to accept the status quo and who fight every day to make the world a better place for kids taught me to think more critically about social issues at large, and to not accept things at face value but to look beyond them to identify solutions. And finally, having the opportunity to work with youth who have been involved in the foster care and justice systems helped me understand how resilient kids really are and has opened my eyes to the injustices that they face every day—and ways that we can help address them.

Impact on my Career

Juvenile Law Center has had an immeasurable impact on my career. As the Online Communications Manager, I was given the opportunity to shape how we presented ourselves to the world by driving efforts to redesign our website and boost our online presence. Having this opportunity to take ownership of this project helped me develop the technical and management skills that led me to success in my next role. Also, being able to interact and learn from Juvenile Law Center's leaders and founders, Bob Schwartz and Marsha Levick, on a daily basis was something I never took for granted: it's taught me powerful lessons about confidence and leadership that I will carry with me as I continue to develop my career.

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