Juvenile Law Center

Lawrence Schall

Oglethorpe University

Staff Attorney, 1982-1985

Lessons Learned

All of my fondest memories from my time at Juvenile Law Center involve Bob, of course. We had a favorite game that we played all the time using the serial number of a dollar bill. It was some sort of Poker, if I recall. I am pretty certain Bob cheated. But, some of the most important things I learned during that time were from Bob, too. Bob has such a commitment to a cause. He is an extraordinary leader with the uncommon ability to commit himself to a single cause for decades and maintain his energy and his humor. And, he did all this while still managing to get to bed by 8:00 pm every night!

Impact on my Career

I went to Juvenile Law Center after some years in Legal Services. After that, I stopped practicing law entirely. I went into business and then, in 1990, into higher education, where I have remained. In some ways, my time at Juvenile Law Center opened my eyes to other social issues and made me feel I wanted to broaden my professional scope.

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