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Covered Til 26: Resources for Professionals

As of January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides Medicaid until age 26 for former foster youth who were enrolled in Medicaid when they turned 18 or aged out of care. This means that young people can get Medical Assistance (MA) if they were in foster care in Pennsylvania or any other state at age 18 or older.

Are you implementing extended Medicaid coverage for former foster youth in your state? Read our checklist on effective implementation for state advocates.

Eligible individuals:

(aa) are under 26 years of age;

(bb) are not described in or enrolled under any of subclauses (I) through (VII) of this clause or are described in any of such subclauses but have income that exceeds the level of income applicable under the State plan for eligibility to enroll for medical assistance under such subclause;

(cc) were in foster care under the responsibility of the State on the date of attaining 18 years of age or such higher age as the State has elected under section 675 (8)(B)(iii) of this title; and

(dd) were enrolled in the State plan under this subchapter or under a waiver of the plan while in such foster care. 42 U.S.C.A. 1396a (a)(10)(A)(i)(IX)

The pages below provide youth and advocates with further information on the relevant provisions of the ACA along with strategies for outreach and implementation.

Research and Background

Federal Law and Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Medical Insurance Eligibility in Pennsylvania

State Policies, Implementation Strategies, and News

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Thank you to CHILDREN NOW, creators of California's Covered Til 26 campaign, for allowing us to replicate many of their materials to help spread the word about this issue! 

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