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The Zubrow Fellowship in Children’s Law

The Zubrow Fellowship is the only post-graduate fellowship that provides an opportunity to engage in a wide variety of advocacy efforts on behalf of children in the delinquency and dependency systems. Zubrow Fellows are involved in training, legislative efforts, and policy work on issues ranging from the rights of dependent youth aging out of the foster care system to the needs of juveniles reentering the community from delinquent placements. Although we have tried to answer some fundamental questions about the Zubrow Fellowship below, the Fellowship is constantly evolving, so please bear in mind the following:

The Zubrow Fellows are exposed to all aspects of Juvenile Law Center's work, which includes responding to opportunities that arise through cases, crises and collaborations. As a result, much of the Fellows' work is determined by the nature of the opportunities that arise during their tenure.

The Zubrow Fellowship experience is shaped by individual Fellows, whose interests influence the allocation of assignments. When possible, Juvenile Law Center attempts to assign Fellows to projects that reflect the Fellows' interests.

What kind of work do Zubrow Fellows do?
Who is eligible to apply for the Zubrow Fellowship?
Where is Juvenile Law Center's office located?

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2016 Timeline



October 1, 2015—All application materials due. Download the Zubrow Fellowship application here. 

November 11, 2015—Interview panel meets in Philadelphia to interview six candidates from the applicant pool. An offer will be made to one of the interviewed applicants within a few days. It is expected that an applicant who applies and interviews for the Zubrow Fellowship will accept the position if offered.

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